our client choose
simplicity and high spec

From 0 to 10 kV, from 0 to 15 kA, from wafer to packaged modules, from static to dynamic parameters, from laboratory to high volume production: all with the same user interface, all thanks to the design of a unique software and hardware architecture able to manage today and tomorrow technological challenges.


the system around
the fixtures

An architecture developed around standardized contacting system, pluggable into manual and automatic load/unloading handlers, that guarantee low stray inductance thanks to LSI™ technology, also far from the tester with RTH™, and ready to test new devices like SiC and GaN.


testers or
complete test cell

Thanks to our experience, we can provide standardized test cell for any production process phases, with different UPH targets. We developed different application-oriented technologies that let you perform AC test with the same tester family from the wafer to the DIE to the substrate to the packaged module.


new application fields

Thanks to our LSI™ technology with 18 nH of stray inductance we are ready to test new modules for automotive hybrid engines. Thanks to our PCI™ technology we are ready to test new chip up to 6 kV AC and 10 kV DC. Together we can go over the limit of today maximum voltage for new generation of high speed railway train.