power semiconductor
testers families

MT100 family of tester with its ranges of voltages and currents covers test requirement of static parameter from DIEs to complex configuration of modules. MT200 family add dynamic and combined parameters test that reach ranges up to 10 kV and 10 kA in the MT300 family, to satisfy strongest requirements of the market.


unique platform
for all products

Same user interface, low number of spare parts, reusable know-how for maintenance, upgradability with latest improvement requested by the market. All advantages that reduce operating costs and with unique fixture concept provide best performance and best flexibility from a power semiconductor test platform.


best precision

Continuous work to satisfy top of the range devices test requirements let us improve our tester performance. Starting form low stray inductance, 18 nH thanks to our LSI™ technology, that allows devices under test to switch at maximum speed, up to the high resolution 12 bits waveform acquisition system for high measurement precision.

software embedded
into the oscilloscope

Good signal acquisition thanks to Teledyne LeCroy HDO6000A 12bits 350MHz oscilloscope becomes good dynamic parameters measure thanks to CREA plug-in that carry out all the measures comply to IEC60747 standard in the shortest time.

predefined test steps,
no coding required

No code writing needed to use the tester, no function call to manage the matrix and switches, just fulfil forms with your test parameters is needed to make a new test test program. You can choose the step from a list of predefined tests written comply with IEC60747 standard.

we have less
than 20 nH

We developed proprietary technology (CREA LSI™) for our contacting system (fixture) to achieve very low stray inductance and to allow testability of your devices untestable otherwise.

internal adapter
for quick program setup

Our manual load/unloading integrated handlers use the same contacting tool (fixture) of automatic test cells for high volume production, to allow you setup new test program avoiding production stops.


complete test cell,
production oriented

Test cell satisfies all production line requirements. Cooperation with our partner to provide such kind of turn key solutions made these cells 100% standard products with benefits as price and performance for our customers.