wafer, die, substrate, discrete and module: same tester

Hot station for AC test, room temperature for DC, HIPOT for insulation, laser marking, pin check, planarity check, loading/unloading with sorting are samples of standardized functions available on test cell for module, discrete, substrate, die and wafer. Thanks to our partner, any new request becomes a new integrated option available in the test cells to be ready to provide solutions for tomorrow technological challenges.


proprietary technologies
for your turnkey solutions

Low stray inductance LSI™ , probe card interface PCI™ , application-oriented technologies, a plus from CREA that added to our tester and our partner's handlers guaranty turnkey solutions that satisfy your test needs.

ready for next
market demand

LSI™ technology made us ready to test new module for hybrid automotive engines. PCI™ technology made us ready to test new chips for next generation high speed trains. We are ready to continue helping your technological grow and to support your production plan.

production solutions
for high power devices

Application-oriented technologies, easy maintenance, standardized fixturing system, automation interface, high level user interface, short setup time, all to provide high performance low utilization cost test cells for production.